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what the light does

I get home to my quiet country yard after a great trip to the city. Music, Friends, Laughs.

I feel inspired, grateful...and tired. I decide it’s not the time to tackle any household I pour an evening beverage and walk up to the highest western point I can reach on my tired feet.

I love watching the sun set. I surprise a jackrabbit and he runs off a bit, then stops...faces west. Maybe we’re here for the same thing. Between sips, I gaze at the colours of the clouds, the shade on the land, the way the old branches and buildings look stately in that moment.

It’s not the light. It’s what the light does to the things around it. It’s not the song lyrics, it’s how they dance with your memories. It’s not the amazing flavours, it’s how they wake up your senses. It’s not the thing itself that’s important. It’s what that particular thing does to everything else around it. That's what really matters.

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