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Laura Hayes - Singer/Songwriter

Singing is the first thing I felt like I could do really well.  Some days it feels like the only thing that comes naturally.  Songwriting followed as I tried to find songs to sing that really meant something to me, songs I could feel.  Rather than searching for them I decided to write them myself.  I really believe people want to hear honest lyrics about real things that make them feel deeply.  



Scars is a song about staying soft in a world that can be hard.  I'd rather be gentle and kind and open to hurt, than to walk through life all hardened and closed off.  That's my truth and this is my song.

Thanks Anyway

I wrote this song from a place of wondering.  The question in my mind,

How much is one person supposed to be able to bear?"

I had a loved one who was going through some hard times and I wondered why sometimes it all falls at once.  


more coming soon...

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