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dear kids

Dear Kids,

Hey it’s your first day of classes and we’re all still here. That means we survived! The first summer since you started school that Mom has worked full time. (At a paying job, not like the usual indentured servitude to you and the house)

Anyhoo, we all pulled together and got through. You had a honey-do (kid-do?) list almost every day and you nearly got it done some of the time. (Well, except one of you who always did your know who you are). But I digress... No serious injuries, no extensive household damage, no authorities at the door. Winning! We had some fun, we made some memories, and now we can confidently tout the benefits of year-round schooling.

May you have a wonderful and fulfilling year ahead. May your joys be many and your burdens few. May you continue growing to be productive, happy and kind members of society. May you never forget your house key in the bottom of your locker. May you always remember to turn the crockpot on low so we don’t have overcooked mush for supper.

Cheers to us!

Love, Mom

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